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Important Installation Instructions and Prerequisites

if you have any questions do not hesitate to submit a support request, and i can help you through it


***In order to Successfully install this update it is important you follow the instructions in the following read me document***


You must have a valid copy of the installer for the Full HRS CSX A Line for Run 8 Version 1 and the installer for the 031315 Update to Proceed as well


Here is a setup executable for the V2 update, please install in the following Order to ensure users can upgrade properly


#1. install your full A line Version as normal meaning the full payware build

#2. install the 031315 update of the website on top of the Full V1 Build (link above)

#3. import the route into V2 meaning use the importer then close out of Run8 V2

#4 install the 11.19.16 update From the link above.

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